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PATHS mission is to prepare everyone to be more effective health care consumers at every stage of life and health.  All of us are called to serve as patient advocates for ourselves or loved-ones--whether for a child, an aging parent, a sibling or a beloved friend.  We owe it to them to prepare ahead of time for this important role. Through brief training, simple tools and a take-home resource guide, you will become empowered.

We are funded by others' generous donations. We are not affiliated with any hospital or health-care agency.

Understanding Your Medical Options

Medical challenges make people feel powerless. Our goal is to help patients feel empowered by teaching them how to medically advocate for themselves.

Navigating the Rocky Path of Your Medical Journey

Our Executive Director states, "Over 13 years working side-by-side with a transplant patient, I learned the importance of serving as his medical advocate. I have been privileged, from time to time to work, as a private individual and volunteer, with people going through medical challenges. These patients have run the gamut from chronic to terminally ill, from the elderly to children with special needs.”

Health challenges are universal, impacting people of all ages and income levels. There seems to be no independent agency in the New England area that offers training and one-on-one assistance to families facing medical crises and challenges. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to be completely independent of any hospital or medical facility and to work with patients and their families who face medical crises.

No matter how dedicated, no medical practitioner can devote 24/7 attention to any one case. This is the uniqueness of patient advocacy done by the patient or family member. P.A.T.H.S. is the culmination of that experience joined with that of many others. Our desire is to help more patients and their families during their medical journey.

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